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Digital Continuity Rig

Here is South Africa’s 1st Digital Continuity Rig. Script Supervising has gone digital, with a lot of flare!

This entails capturing an independent video feed from the Video Operator into my laptop. I am then able to get frame grabs of each setup on the fly whilst we shoot. This is a very innovative way for editors to view script notes as they have an immediate visual reference (the frame grab) that corresponds to the slate and editors log. I have had a lot of positive feedback from editors who greatly appreciate the extra info in their logs. Trying to read through copious script notes is time consuming .

I am the first Script Supervisor in South Africa to use this system. Although I developed and set this up for my own purposes which includes being independent of yet next to the director’s monitors, I have done a lot of research and discovered that this is the way Script Supervising is going internationally and in America.

It is going Digital.

I have also worked with many international directors who have found this system useful to them and they have commented on the innovativeness of having one’s own video feed and capture system as a script supervisor, as we so often need to refer back and can now do so without interfering with live picture from VT.

This Script Supervisor’s rig is a highly professional suite that can extend from an independent feed to on-set rough edits of sequences to ensure the director’s footage cuts well. The aim is to up the South African Script Supervisor Game to a global and competitive Skill and Service.

Welcome to Millennium Script Supervisors, Cape Town, South Africa.

Tamsin Hall may be contacted through the following link:  Book Me Here…

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